Why do i blog?

I have journaled for pretty much my entire life, and blogging in various forms became a natural extension of that over a decade ago. Blogging on my author website, however, allows me to stay connected with my readers and build my audience. While my other blogs were mostly fitness related, here I explore random thoughts, post my poetry, and give reviews of books and bookstores.



why is subscribing & sharing important?

Part of the purpose for my blog and my website is to build a base of dedicated readers who not only enjoy reading my work but look forward to it. By subscribing to my newsletter and sharing my posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media outlets, you let me know someone is listening and help expose my work to people who otherwise might never hear of it. 

Also, I'm currently working on my first novel, and I want it to be traditionally published. Traditional publishers like to know that what they print will be well received which means new authors are more likely to be taken seriously if they can show a list of followers. Subscribing and sharing gives me a list to show them that says, "Here! We are Estora's followers, and we will read this book. Please bring it to us."