The Letter from My 45th Birthday I Wish I Had Gotten on My 25th

Find your beauty. It’s there. Don’t be afraid to own it without placing too much value upon it.

Don’t bury your worry and heartache in food.

Occasionally get pissed off about something and let it show. 

Know what you want and how to say it loud. What you want is just as important as what others want.

Surround yourself in magic.

Take the chance.

Don’t wait until you can do something 100%. Do what you can when you can. Otherwise you might never do it. 

Yoga and jiujitsu. Start them now. They will help keep you healthy, confident, strong, and safe in innumerable ways.

When someone, especially Mama or Daddy, wants to cook you something, let them. Then eat without guilt. One day too soon that opportunity will be gone.

Eat real food—as close to the way Mama Earth made it as possible...most of the time. Thoroughly enjoy it all of the time.

Love with abandon. Express that love without ceasing.

You can’t suppress just one emotion.  Smothering your sorrow also kills your joy. Feel it; then let it go.

Take compliments gracefully. Give compliments freely.

Journal more consistently. Memories fade, even the best ones and the worst ones, but you’ll want to have access to all the details years from now.

The weight of the world is not yours to carry, not even the weight of the worlds of those you love.

Make the most of it, every single second of it. Forty-five will be here before you know it.


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