Finally... Musings in Print


Yes, I promised to have the print book ready for my birthday in August. Yes, it is almost three months later. Let’s just say it’s ready for Christmas.

The print version is just all the posts from the beginning of the blog to August 15, 2019 printed and bound. I did edit a few things that wouldn’t make sense on paper because they’re links or references to something that doesn’t translate well. I think I changed less than a hundred words in all.

The paperback costs $26.99. The hardback costs $40.99. That is terribly expensive, I know, but it’s the result of this book being self-published and printed one at a time. Part of why I do the blog is to build a following so that when I approach a publisher about my work of fiction, I will have a list of supporters to show them. Hopefully, then, the cost will not be so steep. The cost of this book, though, is simply the fee that Blurb charges to print it. I don’t get anything other than the satisfaction of knowing that you like my work enough to want to hold a copy of it in your hands, and that satisfaction does make my heart warm.

Blurb occasionally sends out discount codes for their products. If you’re a subscriber, I will pass along the next one I get, so be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already.