Two Years


It’s National Poetry Month, and I’m a little behind the eight ball. I had intended to post a couple of poems per week this month, but I’m pretty sure I have hit a time warp because it’s already the twelfth. The month is almost half gone.

Wednesday the tenth marked two years since Luna died which doesn’t even seem possible. Though I always think of her several times a day, over the last couple of weeks, memories and thoughts of her have flooded my mind. Tuesday night I wrote this poem, which is to say that it came to me, as most of my poems do, as a thought that just sort of streamed forth for the most part. When I awakened the next morning, after vivid dreams of my girl which I just attributed to my thoughts of her just before sleep, the photo below, the first ever published of a black hole, was the second thing on my Facebook feed. I had to smile.


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Photo credit: Katie Bouman and her team.

Photo credit: Katie Bouman and her team.