Brian Andreas--Poet #2

Though the effort is falling a bit late in the month, I have promised to share some of my favorite poets for National Poetry Month, and today is my second entry for that. Bear in mind, the entries come in no particular order. 

I found Brian Andreas's work over a decade ago in a little art gallery somewhere. I can't even remember where now. Actually, this must have happened much longer ago than that because I remember subsequently scouring the countryside in search of his books that I didn't have. So it had to have been before Amazon or my being a big internet shopper. He writes "poetic short stories" (a term I borrowed it from Wikipedia) often accompanied by drawings, and in them he bestows his own brand of wisdom. Many of his books that I have are dogeared and worn from the many times I've pored over them. The words and wisdom both are beautiful in their simple complexity, and the drawings are mesmerizing. When I first look at them, they are one thing, but then I realize the lines aren't quite what my mind wants them to be, so I study them some more. Here's a link to his works on Amazon, but as always, I encourage you to seek them out in your local stores. For what it's worth, I tend to find his books in art galleries more frequently than I find them in book stores.

Now for today's treat from Brian Andreas:

From poet & artist Brian Andreas. Find  him here on Instagram.

From poet & artist Brian Andreas. Find him here on Instagram.

As is often the case, one work inspires another, and I borrowed the idea of placing poems with visual art from Andreas. Here's one of my works that resulted from that. Please understand that I realize I am in no way in a league with the poets I share with you this week: