National Poetry Month

In case you didn't know, April is National Poetry Month. Wait! Don't click away so fast. Just because you didn't like the work of T. S. Eliot or William Wordsworth or Emily Dickens or whomever your high school English teacher subjected you to, doesn't mean that you don't like poetry. It simply means you didn't like their poetry. We all need to broaden our horizons occasionally and try something new. I invite you to try out some new poets, or if you are one of those folks who says you don't like poetry in general, I invite you to explore it again. 

To help you reach out and try something new, over the eight days we have left in April, I'm going to post a few poems and some links to poets I'm particularly enamored with here lately. Please let me know what you think--good or bad. 

This gal from Australia is not only prolific but also strikingly talented. Check out Erin Hanson at The Poetic Underground. She's become one of my all time favorite poets.


And now a little piece of mine. Those of you who have known me for a long time or who knew my parents will see a lot of my childhood in this one.

“This Moment”

For this moment I will smile
And think of chilly fields of daffodils and buttercups,
Of bushes of yellow bells and purple patches of irises.

For this moment I will smile
And think of fresh turned Tennessee and cool dirt between bare toes,
Of long walks in tall grass and how to climb fences.

I will smile
And think of long sunny days waiting 'till 4:15,
Of Saturday beehives and donuts and riding with the windows down.

I will smile
And think of push mowers and an elbow out the window,
Of endless summer coffee and sweat on brows.

I will smile
And think of warm bathrooms and cold "delarapin" sheets
And “Caps for Sale” to the “Runaway Bunny.”

I will smile
And think of heat lamps and teeny little pigs,
Of mountains of sawdust and piles of wood and denim coats lined with flannel.

For this moment I will smile
And face the sky and feel your touch in the breeze,
And I will miss you, but I will not cry,
Because for this moment I will smile.



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